Tools and Facilities

Rapid Prototyping is at the core of what IdeaSquare does and thats why we have four laboratories for prototyping in our space. If you are a member of the CERN community you are invited to come by and use our facilities to prototype. Use the contact form for any questions you might have thats related to the use of our Prototyping Labs.


Machine Shop

Machine Shop

The Machine Shop has everything you need for drilling, cutting, gluing, and assembling. Here we invite our community to bring ideas into the physical world through prototypes, mock ups, and physical objects. Moreover, we also allow for projects of a more personal sort if one give something back to the IdeaSquare community. 

Drill Press
Power Tools
Prototyping Materials
Sewing Machine
Nuts and Bolts




Electro Shop

Electro shop

The Electro shop is set up to let you create, program, and test your electronic creations. It containes equipment for soldering, assembly and testing of electronic circuits as well as Micro Controllers and Micro Processors.

Soldering Stations
Variable Power Supply
Electrical components




3D Studio

3D Studio

Do you have an idea that you would like to see in the real world? Come by and use one of our 3D-printers after completing the mandatory training given by our very own Prototyping Troll.

German Reprap X400
Prusa SL1
Prusa CW1
Prusa i3 MK3s x 2
Creality CR20 PRO x 2
Creality CR10S PRO x 2
Formlabs Form1
BCN3D Sigmax R19




Light Lab

Light Lab

The Light Lab is set up to provide a semi-cleanromm environment equipped with an optical table. PC controlled stereo-microscope, and radioactive sources. A small setup to perform tests at kelvil level also available. The Light Lab is currently dedicated to the Neutrino Platform Project.

Leica M205C stereo microscope
Thorlabs Optic Table
Radioactive Sources
Power Supplies
Digital Multimeters





The Space


The SpaceThe Space Legend


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Use the Space

Reach out to any member of the IdeaSquare staff for more information and before using the equipment.

Please Note: The number one rule is to ask for help before you need it.